Why Travel?

Why Travel? Over the years I’ve met quite a few people who’ve never traveled outside of the state and/or the country. The reasons I often hear are: “Traveling is expensive”, “I’m busy”, “I’ve got a family to raise”, “Traveling is scary”, “I’m happy where I am”, “I have no interest in traveling”, etc.

These reasons above are all valid, however if you have the chance, there are many reasons to go traveling. With the abundance of online resources these days, there are many ways of traveling on a shoe string budget that make traveling a more obtainable realistic goal more than ever. The goal of trekrover.com is to help you get your foot out of the door and experience a life changing experience.

Traveling is a mind opening experience that will challenge you and change your perspective on what you thought you knew.

I recommend checking out a page on Facebook called: “A Thousand Sights to See”. This Facebook page posts pictures of amazingly beautiful places all around the world. It definitely makes one wonder what other unimaginable sights are out there in the world. https://www.facebook.com/thousandsightstosee

Dream Big,

Trek Rover


Welcome to TrekRover.com!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to TrekRover.com! I’m starting this Travel blog/site to inspire others to go travel and explore the world! I’ll be posting articles and tips on traveling, my travel experiences, and sharing whatever good deals I find with you all.

Why am I doing this? There are several reasons:

1. I love traveling, exploring, and learning about different places.

2. I want to share my passion and knowledge with others and help them be able to experience the joy of exploring and adventuring in a country other than their home.

3. My hope is that someday everyone will learn to respect each other by learning about different Countries, People, Cultures and Religions. If we can respect each other we might be able to achieve World Peace someday.

Thank you for reading this and hope this site will be helpful and an inspiration to you!

I love feedback and suggestions on how to make this site better. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail: info@trekrover.com