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Traveling can be pretty expensive depending on your situation, where you go, and what your traveling style is like. There are severalĀ items you should keep in mind while planning your travel:

  1. What places do you want to visit?
  2. When do you want to visit that place?
  3. How do you plan on getting there?
  4. Where do you plan on living while there?
  5. How long do you plan on staying there?
  6. How many meals a day are you planning to eat?
  7. Souvenirs?

With these points in mind, there are many great resources out there where you can do your research on looking for the best deals. I’ll list a few of my favorite sites that I use for flight deals, hotel deals, and travel reviews. If you have any great sites you want to recommend, feel free to comment on this post šŸ™‚

One of my personal favorite websites is: Kayak pulls in price data from multiple travel websites and compares the prices each site has and shows what the cheapest price is. I usually use Kayak when I am looking for the best flight deals.


For hotel deals, I like From my past experiences, Hotwire seems to have the best deals. If you’re not too picky on the exact location you’re staying at, Hotwire has a feature where you can select one of their blind recommendations at a super discounted rate. You only find out what the accommodations are after you book and pay for it. While it may sound like a risk,Ā it really isn’t that big of a risk. Hotwire will tell you what the blind accommodation is rated. ex. 3 stars, 4 stars, etc. before hand.


For Travel Reviews, I use The reason I like Trip Advisor is because the reviews there are compiled by other fellow travelers. There are many reviews on hotel accommodations, attractions, and things-to-do at your intended travel destination. Trip Advisor is really great if you’re looking for ideas on what to do.



Travel: Where to Begin?

You know you want to travel, but where do youĀ begin? Often times, planning where to travel and how to travelĀ can be challenging.

If you’re new to traveling, there are a couple ways to plan your vacation:

  1. Travel Agency
  2. Guided Tour Packages
  3. Self-planned

Travel Agency:
Pros: Travel Agencies can plan your vacation for you. Some of the items agencies may plan for you are: transportation, accommodations, meals, itinerary, visas, and passports. Travel Agencies usually have business partnerships with commercial airlines and/or tour companies which allows them to offer discounts on vacation packages. However, travel agencies may sometimes charge a premium for the services they provide. Having aĀ Travel Agency plan and book your vacation can save you time and effort at a pretty reasonable cost.

Cons:Ā Some of the cons of discounted tour packages are:

  • You must follow the itinerary set by the tour. This includes following the schedule and planned stops along the tour. You may stop at “tourist traps”. Tourist traps are places where tourists are led into buying merchandise from a specific vendor or business.
  • You travel with a bunch of people you do not know with a wide age range. Not a problem if you don’t mind making new friends šŸ™‚
  • You have to wait for everyone. Hopefully everyone in your tour group is on time when meeting the tour schedule.
  • In discounted tour packages, accommodations and meals usually are of lesser quality. The reason is to lower theĀ cost of the package soĀ the company can still make a profit.Ā If you prefer a more comfortable vacation, there are packages for every kind of budget.

Self-Planned Trips:
Pros:Ā The best thing about planning the trip yourself is that you have absolute freedom to do what you want. You set your own schedule and pace. You get to see what you want to go see.

Cons: It takes a lot of time and effort to plan every aspect of your vacation. However I’ve listed a few bullet points that will help when you begin planning your own trip.

Here are a couple of starting points to take into mind when planning your vacation:

  1. What places do you want to visit? Out of those places, where do you want to travel to the most? (If you’re like me, there are hundreds of places you may want to visit. Pick the place you absolutely want to see first! ^_^)
  2. When do you want to visit that place? (Prices for airfare and hotel can vary depending on the season you travel. Also if you need a passport and visa, it usually takes a few weeks to get those travel documents. Plan ahead!)
  3. How do you plan on getting there? (Plane, Car, Train, Bus, etc.)
  4. Where do you plan on living while there? (Hostels, Hotels, Apartments/Vacation Rentals, etc)
  5. How long do you plan on staying there? (This helps you plan how much to budget and what you want to accomplish in that time frame)
  6. How many meals a day are you planning to eat? (helps for planning the budget, I generally don’t eat breakfast)
  7. Once you answer the questions above, begin calculatingĀ a budget for your trip.

Do you have any travel tips? Post them below in the comment section! šŸ™‚

Why Travel?

Why Travel? Over the years I’ve met quite a few people who’ve never traveled outside of the state and/or the country. The reasons I often hear are: “Traveling is expensive”, “I’m busy”, “I’ve got a family to raise”, “Traveling is scary”, “I’m happy where I am”, “I have no interest in traveling”, etc.

These reasons above are all valid, however if you have the chance, there are many reasons to go traveling. With the abundance of online resources these days, there are many ways of traveling on a shoe string budget that make traveling a more obtainable realistic goal more than ever.Ā The goal of is to help you get your foot out of the door and experience a life changing experience.

Traveling is a mind opening experience that will challenge you and change your perspective on what you thought you knew.

I recommend checking out a page on Facebook called: “A Thousand Sights to See”. This Facebook page posts pictures of amazingly beautiful places all around the world. It definitely makes one wonder what other unimaginable sights are out there in the world.

Dream Big,

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Welcome to! I’m starting this Travel blog/site to inspire others to go travel and explore the world! I’ll be posting articles and tips on traveling, my travel experiences, and sharing whatever good deals I find with you all.

Why am I doing this? There are several reasons:

1. I love traveling, exploring, and learning about different places.

2. I want to share my passion and knowledge with others and help them be able to experience the joy of exploring and adventuring in a country other than their home.

3. My hope is that someday everyone will learn to respect each other by learning about different Countries, People, Cultures and Religions. If we can respect each other we might be able to achieve World Peace someday.

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